Mello Roos and Determining How Many Years Are Left To Pay Them Off

I can't tell you how many people have asked me what Mello Roos are and what the money you pay, as a homeowner with Mello Roos attached to your property, goes towards. This quick down and dirty is designed to help you understand what these special assessments are, what the fees are designed for, and how to determine how many years are left on the payments. I hope this helps.....

"A Mello-Roos District is a geographic area where a special property tax on real estate (a parcel tax), in addition to the regular property tax subject to Proposition 13, is imposed on taxable real property within a Community Facilities District." In lamest terms, its a special fee established by local governments which are imposed on Community Facilities Districts or CFD's. These districts use public financing through the sale of bonds to fund public improvements and some public services.

Mello Roos were signed into California State Legislature in 1982 under the Communities Facilities Act. The name Mello Roos was named after its co-authors, Henry J. Mello (Democrat - Watsonville) and Mike Roos (Democrat - Assemblyman Los Angeles).

So, how do you determine how many years are left on the payments of the Mello Roos? On your property tax statement, you will see special assessments labeled as CFD's. Each CFD is a Mello Roos. It gives you an explanation of each CFD and an annual amount for each. There is a phone number provided next to each CFD. The homeowner would have to call each phone number attached to the CFD and ask what the maturity date (end date) is for each. It's that simple. In San Diego County, you can visit to get your Mello Roos and Tax Assessment information.

If you need assistance with this, always remember to reach out to a Real Estate Professional for help! I hope this information helps! Until next time......KSA DREW OUT!


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